The RYA  Yachtmaster Fast Track is a complete full-time training package designed to take you from basic seamanship skills through to Skippering confidently and passing the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam.  Ideal for those looking for a career in the professional yachting industry, or leisure sailors wanting to achieve the highest competence quickly. Trafalgar Sailing instructors are highly experienced yachtmaster instructors, specially chosen for their sailing ability, teaching style and character. Gibraltar is a great place to learn to sail and start your sailing career.

What we guarantee on your Fast track Yachtmaster:
1, Maximum 4 students per yacht.
2, Your yacht will be a new modern Bavaria 2018 model or similar.
3, Your R.Y.A. Instructor will have many years of experience sailing and teaching.
4, Food/drinks, bedding, mooring fees, fuel, taxes, safety equipment, books, charts, navigation tools, Yachtmaster exam fee included.
5, You only have to pay £995 deposit and the balance after the 2nd week, so if on the 2nd week you decide it is not for you, there is no cancellation fee.
6, You will sail a minimum of 2500 sea miles, 5 x 60 mile passages as Skipper. If you don’t need so many miles or weeks we will design a shorter training programme for you.
7, We have helped many of our Fast Track students find jobs in the sailing industry by giving introductions and references, as we have made many contacts over the years.
8, Comfortable accommodation for shore based courses at the Villa in Sotogrande with private pool, gardens, study area and max 5 in the classroom.
9. We don’t just get you through the Yachtmaster exam to get the ticket. We prepare you to become the Master of a yacht with the knowledge and skills required to achieve this.

Although Gibraltar is sunny and fun, this is not a holiday, it is an intensive 14 week sail training course designed to make you a stronger, safer sailor. If you have the right attitude you will learn loads from our Instructors. Gibraltar has great wind thanks to the mountain range either side of the Straits, there are tidal waters, busy shipping lanes and a variety of destinations to visit including Spain, Morocco and Portugal.


  • Competent crew  Knots. Yacht preparation. Helming. Deck work. Terminology. Sail Handling. Tender. Safety. Man overboard drills.
  • Day Skipper shore based course Pilotage. Tidal Navigation. Meteorology. Maintenance. Engines. Emergency situations. Watchkeeping. Rules of the Road.
  • Day Skipper practical  Pilotage, tidal navigation, seamanship, meteorology and engine maintenance in practice. Seamanship. Boat handling under sail and motor. Passage planning. Night sailing. VHF training. Vitualling and food hygiene at sea.
  • Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper shore based course Position, Dead reckoning, Estimated position, Satellite derived position, Waypoints, Radar, Magnetic Compass, Variation, Different types of Compass, Tidal navigation, Standard and secondary ports, Tidal streams, Buoyage, Lights, Pilotage, Harbour regulations and control signals, clearing lines, Use of soundings, Transits, GNSS and Chart Plotters, Raster and Vector charts, The importance of paper charts, Echo sounders.
  • Coastal Skipper practical course  Passage planning, Preparations for Sea, Pilotage, Passage Skippering, taking charge of crew, cruising navigation with electronics and paper charts using waypoints and routes, Being aware of meteorological trends, Yacht handling under power, control of yacht in a confined space, Picking up a Mooring bow or stern to, Mediterranean style moorings, Yacht handling under sail in various wind and current conditions, Picking up a mooring under sail, Sailing on all points of sail including downwind techniques with a cruising chute, Coping with adverse weather conditions and restricted visibility, Preparing Storm Gib sail or heavy weather, Blind navigation, Emergency situations, Understanding life rafts, life jackets, helicopter and lifeboat rescue, cold water shock, Man over board procedures under motor and sail.
  • 2500 sea miles. Passages to Spain Portugal and Canary Islands.
  • 60 miles passages as Skipper. 
  • VHF Radio operation, Frequencies (channels), Distress calls and procedures, Ship to shore calls. Digital Selective Calling (DSC), Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB), Search and Rescue (SART).
  • First Aid  One day course MCA and Health and Safety Executive approved.
  • Professional Practices and responsibilities. Online course and exam
  • Yacht Maintenance. 
  • Yachtmaster Offshore exam preparation week  The Yachtmaster Offshore exam is independently examined by an R.Y.A. examiner. The exam takes between 6 to 8 hours per person and sail during the day and night. You will be given tasks to demonstrate your ability and asked questions by the examiner on any part of the syllabus of all the RYA practical and shore based courses up to Coastal Skipper level. The £215 exam fee is included in the price.

What next?
Go sailing and see the world!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for people looking for crew. Spring time many yachts are passing Gibraltar from the Caribbean into the Mediterranean for the season.
If you want a career in the yachting industry as a Charter Skipper, Delivery Skipper, Teaching or private yacht skipper then we recommend you do the STCW95 courses in Gibraltar and get your Yachtmaster commercially endorsed.
If you dream is to cross oceans you can learn to use a sextant and Astro navigation on the  Yachtmaster Ocean theory course.  

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