Videos and Photos of our RYA Sailing Courses and charters

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Trafalgar Sailing on GBC TV 2023

GBC TV join Trafalgar sailing school for a day onboard with Competent Crew and Day Skipper course with Gibraltar. They learn how to tack and gybe, Man/Person overboard skills, how to helm, sail onto an anchor bouy and moor the yacht in the marina.

Heavy Weather Training Trafalgar Sailing GBC TV

GBC TV on a Strait crossing on a Day Skipper course. Stormy seas and strong winds made it an exciting passage and good experience for the students and cameraman…
P.S. Gibraltar has over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Trafalgar Sailing RYA courses 2020

RYA courses and charters from Gibraltar to Spain and Africa. Meet friends learning to sail together on a Bavaria 38. Or you can charter the yacht exclusively with private tuition.

Competent crew and Day Skipper RYA course by Chris Klein 2017

Chris does his Day Skipper course with us in the winter, while his friend does Competent crew.

9 year old Martin does an RYA course 2014

Uncle invites his nephew to a Trafalgar Sailing RYA courses for his birthday.

My Competent crew course by Mauricio Femat July 2009

Mauricio from Mexico wanted to learn to sail, so he did his Competent crew course and sailed from Gibraltar to Africa and Spain.

Trafalgar Sailing on the BBC!

The T.V. documentary “Living in the Sun” on BBC 1 choose to feature Trafalgar Sailing School as a successful business in the sun. We had the pleasure of teaching Nadia Sawalha how to sail…

Day Skipper Course in Gibraltar – What to expect…. 2016 – by Holly Cove

Read Holly’s blog She did the Day Skipper theory course online and then joined us in Gibraltar for the Day Skipper practical course.

Alcaidesa Regatta 2019

Trafalgar Sailing team racing for a bit of fun on our Instructor Rob’s Sigma 33 at the weekend Summer 2019.

Trafalgar Sailing RYA courses

Sailing courses in Gibraltar. Trafalgar sailing is an RYA school, guests stay onboard the yacht from 1 to 14 weeks and learn how to sail in this excellent sailing destination from Gibraltar to Africa and Spain





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